After many years of exploring the standard jazz repertoire scene, members of

The Vanunu Ethno-jazz Ensemble have stylized their own unique and contemporary fusion of traditional Jewish folk music (nigunim) and classic jazz.

The result is a unique sound, simultaneously modern and rooted in tradition.

The Vanunu Ethno-jazz Ensemble has an infectious sound that takes you on a journey, tells a story and makes you move.

Eli Vanunu – saxophonist and composer                                                        

Eli is an experienced and accomplished professional saxophonist, specializing in jazz and Jewish music, with vast experience in rock, blues and Mediterranean music. Eli performs widely, arranges and teaches music to students of all ages and levels, and conducts school bands. Eli earned his teaching certificate from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and is a graduate of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, where he took part in the Balkan music ensemble, performed in the saxophone quartet, participated in Jazz ensembles and the Big Band, and was involved in many live music and dance events. After his studies he traveled to Australia, where he performed jazz. He also joined and traveled with the Assyrian band Azadoota, as well as the pop funk band The Modernists. After returning to Israel in 2005, he joined the Yemen-oriented band Yefix, playing a mixture of Jewish, Hassidic, pop, Israeli and Middle Eastern music. In 2006 he established the celebrated Trio Traffic Jazz, which comprises saxophone, double bass and drums. In 2011, he established The Vanunu Ethno-jazz Ensemble, which has performed in music festivals across Israel.

Tamir Miler – pianist                                               

Tamir graduated from Berkley College of Music in 1999. He has played the piano since the age of 8, and has performed widely across Israel and the US. He recently published a book, Art of Improvisation. He is currently working on his trio album "Walk in Spirit", about to be released.

Rotem Yellin- Drummer

studied at the The Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music, in Tel Aviv. He has played with a number of Israeli bands and teaches drums at several music institutions around Israel.

Daniel Harlev- Bass player

Israeli upright bass player and composer. In search for his personal sense of freedom Daniel found a very deep connection to jazz music and composition, inspired by African and Psychedelic music genres as well as by works of Coltrane and Mingus.

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